Is Social CRM Strictly For Business?

By Craig M. Jamieson

November 29, 2010Posted in: Nimble SCRM, Slide Show, Social CRM, Social Media

Or is it for anybody who wants to create, establish, and build stronger relationships, personal or otherwise?  I have read a number of articles lately which suggest that FaceBook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter might be the next CRM if they are not already. HootSuite recently began touting itself as a CRM.

Me, I think that Social CRM may be perfectly positioned to become the relationship manager. Change the name from “contact” to “friend”, “connection”, or “follower” and what do you have? What you have is a “social record”.  Or, maybe we call it a “relationship record”. Things that make me go “hmmmm”.

Social CRM provides one key element not found in the three major networks. It is a centralized and focused platform that integrates all of my social, and business, network activities and it gathers and displays those in an individual’s record which is something that HootSuite or others like it are unable to do because …. there are no contact records to begin with. While LinkedIn may have more details than say Twitter or FaceBook, and while they may cross post, they don’t play particularly well together by any stretch of the imagination. With the exception of direct messaging, there is no email integration either (notwithstanding FaceBook’s recent announcements).

Sales Results LLC has joined forces with SEN Technologies to become Nimble Social CRM’s first Idaho Authorized Solutions Partner. Together we will provide our clients with full CRM needs assessment, recommendations, implementation, and on-going support and training including selling skills and social media applications. Don’t yet “get” CRM and/or Social? We’ve got you covered!

While I’m certainly not the first to use the term SRM (Social Relationship Management), who is to say that SCRM or SRM remains a business centric tool? After all, as business focus is being shifted toward conversation and collaboration (relationships) and away from contacts and data, and as social networks are being used for both personal and business use, doesn’t it make sense that a hybrid tool could maybe be utilized to manage both segments?

There are already several applications that are available that specifically focus on internal and external collaboration. Among those would be Jive, Lithium, Radian6, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter. For the most part, these are enterprise level solutions. How about something for the smaller business or even the solo user? That would be pretty neat but it would have to be pretty nimble as well. And it will be both. Watch for the introduction of Nimble Social CRM in the first quarter of 2011. Nimble will not only provide you with the ability to monitor your social networks, you will be able to update and interact with them as well. Collaboration? No problem. And all of these communications are neatly tagged and tucked away in your individual “relationship records”. Sweet!!

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